Purple Generation

Purple Generation (2014) Prince and Purple Rain are iconic. This artwork is a tribute to this colorful musician. The many talents are caught in a collage. "Painted" with paper on canvas made from paper cuts and pieces of the artist through the years. The art piece is completed with three layers quality glossy UV varnish. Collage on canvas, sealed signed delivered!
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Marnix de Vries
Graphic Artist

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Marnix de Vries is a Dutch graphic designer and collage artist. As a '96 graduate from the College of Arts Constantijn Huygens (now known as ArtEZ) he was since his education fascinated by reusing materials, recycling art. After years of focus on computer design, the love for photography, printed matter and handmade recycle art never disappeared. Since 2012 he produces recycle art in the form of a collage technique that at first glance has much in common with the well known painting. The viewer often discovered only in the second instance, the "painting" is actually a collage which is made up of "mini-paintings" in the form of paper clippings.

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